The only difficulty is going to be deciding whether doing them green or red…

This recipe can be ready in literally five minutes and it’s a delicious traditional Mexican dish served often in breakfast and in any time of the day…

Big celebrations such as weddings have the chilaquiles time when we’re having such a good time but some have already had one or even a few too many drinks and need some magic to keep on going… Sometimes extra spicy helps…

  1. You can fry or bake tortillas (even if they are a few days old) to make them harder or you can buy either tortilla chips (totopos) or tostadas from us.
  2. THE PROBLEM… Choose between Salsa Verde or Salsa Roja of which we have a few! If you can’t decide, you can always do both and when you put the sour cream between them, you will have the Mexican Flag in your plate!
  3. Whichever salsa you choose, you add a little bit of water and warm it until it starts boiling, you can also put it in the blender for a few minutes to make it a little more liquified.
  4. Then, on a pan you put the tortilla chips (totopos) or tostadas and give it a couple minutes.
  5. Warm up some of the refried beans we offer!
  6. It’s ready!!


Fresh chopped onion, cilantro (coriander), sour cream, cheese, a fried egg, chicken meat and any other you can imagine!


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