Homemade Enchiladas

Homemade Enchiladas

A basic on Mexican cuisine is the famous enchilada!


Enchiladas come in different styles, and they can have that special grandma touch…


Verdes, rojas, chipotle, mole… pretty much any kind of sauce can be the ingredient for the delicious enchilada.


We will talk about the Enchiladas Verdes con pollo or Green Enchiladas with chicken which means they are made with green tomatillo sauce…




Chicken breast (a rotisserie chicken will work great!)

Salsa Verde Herdez

Corn Tortillas

Frijoles Refritos Isadora (refried beans)

Gouda Cheese

Sour Cream





  1. Put the Salsa Verde in a pot with 30% more water and let it boil. You can also put the sauce in the blender first to make it thinner if you like.


  1. On a frying pan, heat a little oil enough for the tortillas not to stick and warm them a little bit.


  1. Soak each tortilla for one second in the Salsa Verde.


  1. Place the shredded chicken breast inside each tortilla and close it either as a tube or just folded in half.


  1. Place the chicken filled tortillas parallel to each other on a plate.


  1. Cover them with Salsa Verde.


  1. Put as much gouda laminated or shredded cheese on top and grate until it melts.


  1. Place a two or three (or more!) spoons of refried beans on the side.


  1. Put sour cream, raw chopped onion and lettuce on top of the enchiladas as little or as much as you like.


  1. Turn on your radio with any of Vicente Fernandez’ songs and…



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